Essentia expands West Midlands operations
Published:  04 January, 2018

UK ingredients specialist Essentia Protein Solutions has expanded its operations in response to growing demand. 

The business has acquired four new units, two of which are now operational.

The two operational units, located on Speed Road in Tipton, needed complete renovation, which included removal of all the existing infrastructure, re-cladding of the roof, repainting and the installation of £100,000 of specialist equipment to make best use of the space. 

Factory manager Paul Setchell explained the investment.

“Brexit continues to cause a lot of volatility in the food manufacturing sector and inflation is impacting heavily. This means our customers look to us to help them deliver sustainable margins without compromising quality,” he said. “Our success at achieving this has meant continued demand for what we do, and whilst future growth projections are relatively conservative, the standard of our service and products means we’re confident of enjoying ongoing growth.

“The recent expansion of our estate has been based around existing and future need. This [expansion] has enabled us to bring finished product storage on-site and under our control, which has contributed to increased customer satisfaction.” 

Essentia has also acquired two units on Ramsay Road, also in Tipton, to add another 1,000 sq ft of floor space to the business as a “strategic move to support us in our future growth”.

“Whilst some businesses in need of more space may consider a move to another location, remaining here in Tipton was never in doubt for us,” added Setchell. “Simply, our skilled workforce - and the supply chain on which we rely - make here the right place for us to continue growing the business.

“We don’t have immediate plans to create any new jobs, but the developments we’ve been through do mean that we’re able to preserve our existing workforce and do more with our existing resources.  This makes us a more cost-effective operator and, therefore, more attractive to our customer base.”