Asda launches three flexitarian meat products
Published:  11 January, 2018

A three-strong line of flexitarian beef products has hit supermarket shelves at Asda. 

The US-owned retailer has launched three flexitarian meat products for the New Year: Beef and Chickpea Mince; Beef and Lentil Burgers; and a Beef and Haricot Meatball. All are available in stores nationwide.

The three new products should complement the supermarket’s existing flexitarian product that sits within its mince offering: a ‘Lean and Bean’ Beef Mince mixed with Haricot Beans. This has been a staple of Asda’s array of ground beef products for nearly two years now.

ABP Food Group is the meat processor behind Asda’s three new flexitarian products. The Ireland-based beef giant manufactures the flexitarian products under a brand licensing agreement with lifestyle magazine Men’s Health.

Launch of the products, which come in fresh or frozen format, should help both ABP and Asda tap up the growing demand for less, but more high-quality meat and more vegetables.

Ireland-based meat processor ABP entered into a commercial licensing agreement with Men’s Health in September 2017 to create seven health-targeted meat products.

Aside from the three Asda has rolled out, the remaining items in ABP’s range are Lean Pork Sausages with Haricot Beans, Nutmeg & Parsley; Lean Chicken Chipolatas with Haricot Beans, Paprika & Fennel; Chilli Burger; Beef & Quinoa Meatballs.