Plans for 32,000-strong chicken farm rejected
Published:  24 January, 2018

Plans for a 32,000 free-range chicken poultry unit in Llandeilo, west Wales have been refused permission after concerns were raised about its impact on the local area. 

Carmarthenshire Council refused the application, made by Terry Davies, for the land north of Glanmyddyfi in Llandeilo. The council said the proposal was contrary to the Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan, which ensures the protection and enhancement of the natural environment.

It was also concerned about the possible impact it might have on the Dinefwr Estate, a National Trust nature reserve situated in the area.

In its decision letter the council said: “The Dinefwr Estate Site of Special Scientific Interest is recognised as the second most important site in England and Wales for its parkland lichen assemblage; it is considered the impact from the proposal poses a major risk and will detrimentally impact the special features of the site.”

It also said that there were “significant concerns” that emissions from the proposed free-range housing for both ammonia and nitrogen would “reach and detrimentally” impact a significant area of the Dinefwr Estate.

The plans had resulted in objections from a number of organisations including the Natural Resources Wales, the National Trust, the South West Wales Wildlife Trust as well as from members of the public.

Natural Resources Wales raised major concerns about the assessment of ammonia and nitrogen from manure storage and spreading. It also said it was concerned about the Dinefwr Estate, as well as the possible impact on the protected species of otters in the area.

The National Trust also opposed the application, citing the impact of ammonia emissions and the consequent impact on lichens at Dinefwr.

South Wales Wildlife Trust opposed the move, raising concern about the ecological impact on the area.

NHS Wales said it did not have enough information regarding the possible impact on public health, but it did say that it was aware of nearby dwellings and local concerns about the issue.