Baxters admits meat reduction in Fray Bentos pies
Published:  30 January, 2018

Rising inflation forced Baxters to cut the amount of meat in its Fray Bentos tinned pies, this site can exclusively reveal. 

Scotland-based food manufacturer Baxter has admitted “inflationary pressures” forced it to reduce the quantity of meat in its 11-strong range of iconic Fray Bentos pies last year.

“Inflationary pressures for commodities made it essential to review the product formulations in 2017,” a company spokesperson told this site.

“Customer feedback has been that maintaining a competitive price point has been important to them. As a result, the meat percentages were reduced in line with competitor products during 2017. We are continually monitoring feedback as a result of any product changes.”

Baxters’ admission comes after a torrent of scathing reviews were made about the Fray Bentos brand online. One reviewer who had recently bought a Fray Bentos pie, which cost £2.94, described the product as “nothing more than a pie crust with a brown gelatinous mess”. Another said it was “probably the worst thing I’ve eaten in 10 years”.

The company declined to comment when asked for the specific date in 2017 its meat pies were reformulated; nor was it willing to disclose how much as a percentage meat content was reduced by or whether UK or overseas farms supplied the beef, chicken and pork used in its iconic line of ready-to-cook pies.

No other Baxters products containing meat, such as Royal Game Soup or the range of Baxters Meal Pots, have been reformulated, the company said.

Meanwhile, inflationary pressures are still causing a major concern for the many in the food sector. UK inflation now stands at 2.7%, according to Office for National Statistics. It has risen sharply since the EU referendum in June 2016. This pressure on food producers has been compounded by the devaluation of the pound against the euro and the dollar, making imports of raw materials more expensive for food processors.