Call for pioneers on climate change
Published:  15 May, 2008

Farmers must play their part in the climate change fight, but regulators must not export UK farming production abroad. This was one of the key messages from the Nuffield Carbon Conference.

The event, at Stoneleigh Park last week (1 May), attracted hundreds of farmers and land managers, and featured speakers from farming, academia, and the National Farmers' Union (NFU).

NFU president Peter Kendall told the audience: "Climate change is at the top of our agenda, but we must not over-regulate and export production while, at the same time, importing pollution. It's not purely about CO2. It's about all the greenhouse gases - methane and nitrous oxide especially. We must see how those can be reduced. For farming, it's important that we see how we can offset our emissions, through anaerobic digestion, for example."

Julian Morgan, chairman of 7Y Services, presented one of four papers, outlining the driving forces behind new climate-saving technology. "We need to make a start in changing what we do. Human endeavour consists of pioneers, developers and followers - and we must be the pioneers."