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Published:  09 August, 2011

Meat trades journal june 2016 Welcome to MeatTradesJournal.co.uk, the dynamic website from the team at Meat Trades Journal.

Meat Trades Journal is the information hub for the meat industry, combining Meat Trades Journal magazine and website, as well as industry events and awards ceremonies, such as the SuperMeat & Fish Awards and Butcher’s Shop of the Year.

Established in 1888, Meat Trades Journal has been at the forefront of delivering meat industry news for more than 125 years and continues to lead the field with a comprehensive portfolio that includes:

Meat Trades Journal: our monthly publication covers all sectors of a dynamic and modern industry, providing views and information relevant at all levels, from the factory floor to the boardroom.

Features include:
•    In depth analysis of retail and wholesale meat prices across a variety of UK regions
•    Detailed features and category reports
•    Sections tracking the entire meat supply chain, from farmers to foodservice
•    Legal and retail business advice to help boost your business
•    International import and export data

MeatTradesJournal.co.uk: essential for anyone in the meat trade from the small independent retailer to the big multinational companies, providing the latest industry news, a meat price index updated weekly (via www.meat-prices.co.uk), skills videos and articles that keep you updated on market trends to improve your business. The site also runs webinars targeting specific industry areas, such as food safety.

Findabutcher.co.uk: the online database of UK butchers. It is free to use, allowing you to search by postcode to find your nearest butcher. Visit www.findabutcher.co.uk

Meat Trades Journal also runs various industry events and awards shows such as:
•    Butcher’s Shop of the Year Awards
•    SuperMeat & Fish Awards
•    SuperMeat & Fish Christmas Product Awards
•    National Butchers Week
•    Meat & Poultry Processing Awards
•    Champion of Champions

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